Gillian Livock

Gillian Livock

Gillian (Gill) Livock is Head of Commercial & Strategic Partnerships at Medable, responsible for driving collaborations which have united many different stakeholders to focus on bringingeffective therapies to patients faster. COVID 19 has demanded even more innovation, collaboration, and resilience as we identify ways to support patients, healthcare professionals and keep clinical trials moving forward by effectively working with our partners. Gill has over 20 years of experience in life sciences and clinical trials, most recently as Global VP, Corporate Business Development and Partnerships for Definiens AG, part of the Astra Zeneca group. Gill is instrumental in supporting partnerships where digital trial strategies can deliver decentralised solutions and RWE can drive digital therapeutics.

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Why I joined Medable: Dark arts and shining lights!

By Gillian Livock on Oct 20, 2020 6:11:17 PM

Way back in the day, I remember a world when only paper CRFs existed and the transformation to EDC rapidly changed the way we managed trials.  Fast forward over 20 years and we are now experiencing another paradigm shift, moving from focusing on the site to putting the patient at the center of everything we do and leveraging digital technologies to remove the burden of participating in research.

Being part of a team, culture and organisation that drives innovation, bringing flexibility and choices to our industry, makes the weeks go fast! Never have I been so excited to explore each new day and see how we can help our sponsors and partners make a difference to their digital strategies. Bringing research to patients and the chance to deliver effective therapies faster to patients is a passion that everyone at Medable lives by.

Now the next exciting opportunity is how do we take these advancements in technology and acquisition of data to identify digital therapeutics. The interoperability of the Medable platform means that outside data streams can enrich our existing modules to bring more insights. We don't know what we don't know. However, applying data science and machine learning to these data insights can identify trends and outliers which can help us look at patient populations differently and in more depth. 

Imagine a day when patients can be digitally assessed to match the best treatment that they will respond to based on how their individual physiology is impacted by a disease.  We have made exciting advances in treating patients and finding new ways to tackle life threatening illness, however in many cases patients are still treated based on the overall response of how others have progressed and responded. I am excited to be part of a company who can contribute significantly to this next wave of advancement in finding digital therapeutics for patients. 

Certainly for me, technology is part of how I function in my everyday life. My parents are now experts in online shopping and accessing their grandchildren through technology….arguably the pandemic has provided the biggest learning opportunity of our lifetime!  Where technology may once have been seen as a “dark art” by certain generations, it is now their way of life and opportunity to connect to a world which has become smaller. Medable is helping patients, sites and study teams stay connected in times of darkness and shining a light to deliver a new way of conducting research.

Medable is rapidly growing and we’re looking for passionate teammates to join our mission across every part of our company. If you’re interested in joining us, please visit

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