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Decentralized Clinical Trials (aka Hybrid Trials) Are Here to Stay

Oct 1, 2020 12:33:44 PM

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Yesterday Clinical Research News published a noteworthy article titled: ‘Hybrid’ Trials Will Be Post-Pandemic Norm. The piece provides a solid overview of the state of the Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT’s) in the “new normal” clinical development leaders find themselves in. Not surprisingly, a recent survey by GlobalData confirms what Medable has observed internally, with 67% of survey participants indicating that they plan to use decentralized clinical trials in the future.

At Medable we’ve seen this shift first hand. In the article, Medable’s Ali Holland confirms that:

          “The shift toward decentralization has already begun, with protocols more often                          designed from the get-go to give participants the option of starting at home for many                of their required study visits rather than traveling to a trial site.”

A key distinction of DCT’s relative to Virtual trials is that DCT’s operate on the hybrid-trial continuum. Whereas fully virtual trials can at times disinter-mediate investigators from patients, DCT’s aim to provide existing patients and investigators with the technologies, workflows, and processes that provide a flexible approach for every sponsor or CRO’s unique study needs. Essential to the success of a DCT or hybrid trial strategy is right-sizing the approach for each study’s unique mix of patients, investigators, lab and clinical practitioners.

Medable allows sponsors and CRO’s to right-size their journey to DCT’s by offering a Readiness Framework that clearly shows the progression from light-weight TeleVisit and TeleConsent capabilities to capturing digital endpoints via COA’s, PRO’s, and other forms of digital source data.

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As Ali Holland puts it in the article:

        “Different studies need different capabilities and Medable’s technology flexibility means             we can meet the unique needs of each study and enable the flow of data consistently               between [any] ecosystem of partners.”

At Medable, our ecosystem does not only include CRO’s, patient recruiting services, device makers, lab networks, and more, but it also includes site and patients. Medable’s Patient Advisory Council ensures that every experience embedded within the Medable DCT platform is assessed and improved by patient advocates. As the article summarizes and Medable’s Rasmus Hogreffe confirms:

“Independent patient advocates on the PAC, meanwhile, will be reviewing design   features of Medable’s technology and proposed study workflows for opportunities to   relieve participation burdens and, as Rasmus puts it, “minimize the gap between theory   and practise.” Incorporating the patient perspective in this way has accelerated patient   recruitment and resulted in “extremely high” patient satisfaction for recent studies.”

If you’d like to learn more about Medable and it’s new TeleConsent offering that makes fully remote informed consents (and reconsents) a reality, sign up for our webcast on Oct 6


David Swanger

Written by David Swanger

David Swanger leads marketing at Medable and is passionate about applying technology in novel ways to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.