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Introducing Medable TeleCOA: A New Path Forward for Patients, Sites, and Sponsors

Nov 3, 2020 12:57:25 PM

Yesterday we announced the latest addition to our growing portfolio of Digital & DCT offerings: Medable TeleCOA. For full details on the announcement, you can read the press release here. 

At Medable, we’re thrilled about this latest advancement to our flexible and modular platform. Medable TeleCOA combines electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOAs) with TeleVisits on web and mobile, to enable critical clinical trial outcome capture from the comfort of a patient’s home, anywhere in the world. 

We believe in choice at Medable

That’s why our platform is designed to offer consumer level experiences for patients to engage with their Study team on site or remotely, within the framework enabled for the clinical trial. We offer our apps through multiple modalities, accessible via web browsers. Core to the Medable design philosophy is that patients and site staff should use the same devices that they engage in other daily activities such as shopping and social connections.  

In practical terms this means that a multi-country BYOD approach for the decentralized elements of a trial is now possible. For example, a patient in India could use her personal mobile phone (IOS or Android) and connect directly to the Medable Patient app. When connecting to the app she will initiate a TeleVisit with a Healthcare Professional (HCP) hundreds of miles away. During the TeleVisit, the patient and HCP can complete consents and outcome assessments side by side within the TeleVisit in the same application. Medable TeleCOA is designed with patients and healthcare professionals at clinical sites in mind 

Just as a patient can access Medable TeleCOA on virtually any device with a web browser, so too can a HCP. The means HCP’s can more flexibly incorporate Medabe TeleCOA into the existing collection of systems, workflows, tablets and computers that are currently in use at their site - or even with their own mobile or desktop devices away from the site.

For clinical trials to continue their evolution towards greater digitization and decentralization after the industry rebounds from COVID-19, they must not only be well integrated with the systems that sites and sponsors use regularly but they must also be built with flexibility and modularity in mind. 

The Medable enterprise cloud platform is architected to enable study data to be securely collected, integrated, and harmonized from a variety of devices and sources

Whilst many very well designed point systems exist today, being able to sequence modules together into a seamless and flexible workflow is transformative to the ease and consistency of the user experience. This is really key as it is imperative that digitization reduces and eliminates administrative burden, streamlining our working practices and doesn't just push it down the line to the sites and patients.

Similarly, in this age of data security and privacy awareness, the robust platform enables all the user interface systems to be controlled and managed to collective standards. It’s what allows our partners to securely deploy TeleVisit, TeleConsent, and TeleCOA across a variety of devices in the knowledge that the entire platform conforms to the highest levels of global data privacy and security practices. And in practical terms it means that we’ll work hard to evolve our platform so that it will continue to assist sites and sponsors to better serve the patients that are so critical to the continuing the life-saving advancements of our industry. 

A Site and CRO Perspective

Dr. Robert Bissonnette, MD, FRCPC, founder and CEO of Innovaderm, a leading dermatology CRO, eloquently sums up the potential of the Medable platform to power a variety of digital and decentralized interactions:

“For more than 20 years we have dedicated our efforts at Innovaderm to advancing dermatology research. As the leader of a specialty CRO and as an investigator who has focused exclusively on dermatology, I have seen firsthand how patients and site staff can benefit from decentralized clinical trial methodologies. Medable’s flexible and modular platform means that we can deploy their platform to shift a number of scheduled visits from onsite to remote while still maintaining the patient/investigator relationship that is core to every clinical study.”

Medable is hosting a panel webcast that includes Dr. Robert Bissonnette, Patient Advocate Richie Kahn, and Dr. Michelle Longmire on Wednesday November 18 that will explore how Medable TeleCOA was designed in conjunction and for the benefit of patients, sites, CRO’s, and sponsors: “eCOA in a Decentralized World: Enable Remote Collection of Outcomes to Improve Study Access and Engagement.”

Register for the webcast here: https://www.medable.com/telecoa-webinar

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