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Introducing Medable TeleConsent

Sep 22, 2020 1:31:03 PM

Today we’re excited to announce Medable TeleConsent™ here.

Medable TeleConsent has been designed as part of our flexible and modular Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) platform. This is a big step forward in addressing the monumental challenge of rethinking physical informed consent and re-consent processes in a pandemic world.

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Medable TeleConsent solves one of the most complex aspects of clinical trials for sites and sponsors—and transforms the initial experience for patients. By eliminating the need for multiple round-trip visits to clinical sites, TeleConsent dramatically improves patient access to studies, connecting them directly with trial investigators and site teams from their home location. This results in faster enrollment, greater participant diversity and better retention for trial sponsors.

TeleConsent also improves patient knowledge and comprehension by providing medical information in visual and multimedia formats, which patients can review in depth together with family members and caregivers. They can then engage visually with their physician to sign consent forms digitally from the comfort of their home or local clinic.

“Medable TeleConsent is a critical step in the evolution of decentralized research, as consent is the gateway to trial participation,” said Dr. Michelle Longmire, CEO and co-founder of Medable. “This has the potential to enable global patient access and improved knowledge, leading to greater participant diversity, retention, and ultimately research quality and speed. We’re excited to break down these barriers to benefit patients, sites and sponsors alike.”

Dr. Remo Moomiaie-Qajar, president and CEO of Cytonus Therapeutics, agrees with this approach. “At Cytonus, our diverse portfolio includes a COVID-19 therapeutic. One major problem we have had is the constantly changing regulatory requirements in various regions and countries. This has added multiple layers of complexity when it comes to consenting and necessitates re-consenting patients. Given that most therapeutics to treat viruses like COVID-19 are time-sensitive for the health of the patient, without a solution like Medable TeleConsent we would have significant delays enrolling patients that are extremely costly. Medable TeleConsent eases the administrative burden of thousands of hours safely spent remotely consenting for both investigator and patient.”

Please click here to register for a live webinar October 6 on using TeleConsent to reduce patient burden in decentralized trials.

Allison Holland- Head of Decentralized and Remote Trials

Written by Allison Holland- Head of Decentralized and Remote Trials

Alison (Ali) Holland is Head of Decentralized and Remote trials at Medable and is chartered to design and expand the end-to-end capabilities needed to partially or fully virtualize clinical studies, building on the commitment to reduce clinical trial times by 50%. Ali has over 20 years of experience in a variety of leadership roles, including Feasibility Head and Six Sigma Black Belt at Covance, and Business Head and global General Manager at Roche/Genentech in one of their therapeutic area business groups. Having been engaged in over 300 studies across Biotechs, Pharma and all geographies, Ali brings an incomparable level of insight and technical excellence on the matter of operational needs for sites and patients.