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Why Medable: CEO Manifesto

Sep 21, 2020 1:54:09 PM


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Mission matters

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work as a scientist, physician, and CEO. I have enjoyed every job I have ever had, whether it was researching epigenetics of disease or caring for patients with skin disease. Yet, prior to Medable, I had not felt that “I was born to do this.” 

Founding and building Medable is something that I truly feel like I was born to do. I say this not because it is easy or that I do not have many areas of growth as a CEO, I say this because of the impact of our mission - enabling effective therapies to reach patients faster through better clinical trials means less suffering and better health, worldwide.

Our team deeply believes that as we execute on our mission, we will enable better treatment of the more than 7,000 uncured and sub optimally treated diseases. At Medable, our team lives to deliver on our mission and we strive everyday to execute towards this goal. 

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Team matters

Among the many things I have learned in building a company, is that the team is everything. At Medable, our motto is to be the strongest teammate and fiercest opponent. Rasmus Hogreffe, VP of Clinical Trial Innovation recently said to me, “Michelle, while other companies can replicate software, no one can replicate people, our team is what makes us Medable.”  At Medable, we empower one another to be the best on the field in our respective positions. It is through this team philosophy that we achieve synergy and outcomes beyond the capability of any single individual and often surprise even ourselves in what we can accomplish.

Impact matters

The fascinating thing about building a company, is that you are truly building something. Every person impacts the current and future form of the company and the smaller the company, the bigger the impact. From project managers to sales people and engineers, together we are all building Medable. This means that every single person is shaping and influencing our current and future state. It is incredibly exciting to see Medable get stronger as we develop and grow and how each team member truly shapes the future of the company with the unique skills, perspective, experiences, and passion that they bring to our team. 

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Join us if ...

If you love learning, are humble but confident, empathetic yet unrelenting in the pursuit of goals, are inspired to be the best teammate and fiercest opponent - and, most importantly - are dedicated to the mission of getting effective therapies to patients faster, Medable wants you.

Visit our careers page. 

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Michelle Longmire

Written by Michelle Longmire

Dr. Michelle Longmire is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Medable. Dr. Longmire is mission-driven to accelerate the development of new therapies for disease. As a Stanford-trained physician-scientist, Dr. Longmire identified critical barriers to drug development and founded Medable to pioneer a new category of clinical trial technologies that remove barriers to participation and radically accelerate the research process. Medable now serves patients in clinical trials in over 30 languages, 40 countries, and across therapeutic areas. Dr. Longmire has received recognition as a leading innovator and business woman, including being named as one of the 100 most creative people in business by Fast Company.