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March Pulse Check on Decentralized Clinical Trials - Overcoming DCT Implementation and Planning Obstacles

Apr 1, 2021 1:26:24 PM

Throughout 2021 we’ll take a look at the latest developments in the realm of Decentralized Clinical Trials. Read this monthly roundup to discover the latest trends, insights, and modalities of decentralized clinical trials.

Over the past year, we at Medable have seen tremendous growth in Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT’s). In 2020 DCT’s moved from edge case to main case. And as we look back on the first three months of 2021, it’s clear that there is tremendous interest across life science organizations to adopt DCT’s on a widespread level.

Essentially, the question life science organizations are most often asking when it comes to DCT’s is no longer: “Why DCT’s?” 

Today the question is “How?”

How do study teams work together to implement, deploy, and manage a DCT? How do they customize it for their specific treatment, protocol design, and therapeutic area? 

And once digging into specifics several other questions emerge such as:

Can we decentralize studies into therapies with higher toxicity profiles, such as those in oncology? How do we ensure older participants are able to successfully use eCOA and DCT technologies? Can we use a remote eCOA and DCT approach without the reliance on multiple vendors and disjointed solutions? 

In March at Medable, we focused on demystifying how to overcome DCT Implementation and Planning Obstacles. 

On March 8th, 2021, leaders from Medable, Janssen, J&J, PPD, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, and UCB led a Reuters featured webinar focused on “Overcoming Perceived DCT and eCOA Adoption Hurdles.” You can view the webinar here.

Earlier on March 4th, Medable’s Ali Holland helped attendees navigate how to utilize a single platform for virtually all sensors and wearables, as they continue to become hallmarks of DCT’s. While these sensors and wearables can bring additional quality of life, disease state, and demographic data to complement traditional primary endpoints, managing them in a disparate manner can introduce complexity and risk to a study. To learn more, you can view the webinar here.

Finally, on March 29th as part of Decentralized Clinical Trials Digital week, we delivered the opening keynote of the event delivering a webinar:

“Decentralized Trials Have Arrived: How to Successfully Implement Decentralized Trials.” You can view the webinar here.


Medable in the News in March 2021

During March, Medable was also featured in several news articles with a focus on highlighting how different stakeholders in the clinical trial process can successfully adapt to a Decentralized Clinical Trial approach. These articles focused on several key stakeholders, including study teams, patients and legal teams.

Clinical Trials and Tribulations

Our own Parag Vaish, Chief Product Officer, sits down with The Medicine Maker’s Maryam Mahdi to talk about pharma’s adoption rate of new clinical trial technologies, including DCT’s

Medable Advisory Council Works to Amplify Patient Voice, Inclusivity

Medable Patient Advisory Council (PAC) member Allison Kalloo, and our own Reem Yunis, Head of DEI at Medable were interviewed by Outsourcing Pharma on how we can work together to bring diversity, equity, and inclusion to modern trials.

As Clinical Trials Move Off-Site, Legal Teams Prepare for New Challenges

Andrea Sanchez, Vice President, Legal & SaMD at Medable covers the changing legal landscape, as more trials at home create new types of legal challenges

International Women’s Month

March also marked International Women’s Month. During March, Medable founder and CEO Dr. Michelle Longmire sat down with Made By Women, a podcast about women who are transforming the world in unique ways. In the conversation with host Kim Azzarelli, Michelle shared her journey to entrepreneurship and how women can support each other’s ventures.

You can view the blog and listen to the podcast here!


Why We Joined Medable? And Why You Should Too.

Curious as to how and why people are joining Medable? In March Anushka Gupta, a Data Scientist, and Snadeep Jutla, a Digital Project Manager, both shared their excitement as to why they joined Medable, and why you should too. 

You can read them here!

Looking Forward

As March turns to April, we at Medable will continue to help sponsors, CRO’s, sites, and patients to successfully navigate their transition to Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT’s). In April we’ll focus on how a DCT Platform approach enables each clinical trial to establish bespoke workflows, blending technology-enabled services to suit the protocol, sites and patients. This results in accelerated recruitment, increased patient retention and quicker progress to database lock. We are the first platform to enable the entire patient journey to be digitized from recruitment to closeout, across activities both remote and in-person.  Our platform is architected for ease of integrations, such that we partner with best-in-class wearables/devices and integrate the set-up, training and data flow into the patient and site-facing workflows where possible. This enables Medable to offer the most flexible decentralized clinical trial platform allowing sponsors to scale up and down their hybrid capabilities to suit their unique studies.

If you’d like to see the Medable Platform in action, sign up for a demo.

David Swanger

Written by David Swanger

David Swanger leads marketing at Medable and is passionate about applying technology in novel ways to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.