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Medable Celebrates Being Named the Leader in the Everest Group Report by Exploring "The Why?"

Aug 6, 2021 9:48:20 AM

On Friday, July 16, 2021, Medable was recognized as the Leader in Decentralized Clinical Trial Products, according to Everest Group’s DCT Product PEAK Matrix Assessment 2021

For those who may not know, The Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix is an independent, objective, data-driven assessment of key service and technology providers based on overall capability and market impact. Thus, it’s an honor that Medable was positioned highest in the Leaders quadrant with top scores for both vision and capability as well as market impact. 

While being named a leader is important, it pales in comparison to the effect that our hard work has in creating a more inclusive, equitable future for medicine. That’s because each consent delivered, diary completed, and televist made helps further the adoption of a future where treatments and health outcomes are developed for everyone. 

With this mission and award in mind, we took the time to ask our employees the following pivotal questions:

  • Why did you decide to work in clinical trials?
  • What’s your hope for the future of clinical trials?
  • And why Medable?

Their answers are an affirmation to our mission, our organization and our future. 

Why did you decide to work in the clinical trial industry?

  • To play a small part in improving human health.
  • Research needs human-centered design. Science wants controlled environments; the real world is messy. If we are user-focused, we can collect data with a wide range of participants and empower their experience to glean even deeper insights.
  • My family members are diagnosed with LVNC. With this disease, there is no path for care for my family, my children, and myself. I can't accept this. I made it my mission to be a part of technology to change clinical trials for others to ensure we solve what we are fighting for.
  • I like to contribute to making the world a better place, and I believe research is one very powerful way to do that. Research creates preventative medicine for people on a global scale. To me, that’s invaluable.
  • Because I myself am bipolar type II, and my mental health has been greatly improved by commercial drugs.

 What’s your hope for the future of trials?

  • That we build trust and awareness across society, around what clinical research entails and why it’s necessary, by allowing individuals to be empowered with their own health data and to donate it where and when it’s needed.
  • That participation in trials becomes less burdensome and more accessible for people around the globe.
  • My hope is for treatments to undergo a more efficient and quicker drug development cycle - from discovery to approval. Allowing those drugs (that have promising results) to reach their intended patient population quicker is something we should be striving for. I've got several family members living with chronic illnesses and being able to reduce this cycle time would have a direct impact on their quality of life and/or even prolong their health.
  • To expand clinical research access to any patient who is interested in participating.
    A future where patient preferences are incorporated early and often.
  • I hope that clinical research can encompass all of the diversity in the world so that treatments can be developed that are effective in all populations.

Why Medable?

  • Medable helps patients join in clinical trials without having to travel. This has the potential to expand trial participation into rural areas and previously underserved populations that are currently underrepresented.
  • Because it's accelerating drug therapies to market and expanding clinical research access to populations that would have otherwise gone unrepresented.
  • Patient-centric approach - not only talking the talk but walking the walk. Everything is focused on reducing the burden, with quality built-in while also driving the diversity of patient populations.
  • We are making healthcare more engaging, consumer-friendly, & accessible, which will ultimately lead to higher quality medications.
  • The elements of decentralized clinical study design that Medable can deliver has a positive impact on the cost of medicine and the throughput of clinical research while embracing patient-centricity and diversity.
  • Patient centricity and access to clinical studies will have a massive impact on how studies will be undertaken in the future.

If you'd like to join Team Medable, view our open positions here: https://www.medable.com/company/careers 

Dan Horsey

Written by Dan Horsey

Dan joins the Marketing team at Medable. Previously, Dan was a Content Manager at Signant Health and a Marketing Manager at IQVIA. He got his start in healthcare marketing in 2014, working with Pharmacy Benefits Managers in the managed Medicare and Medicaid spaces, and has been writing in healthcare capacities for over 10 years. Dan has extensive experience in creating both long and short forms of content across a wide variety of mediums. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Communications from West Chester University in 2009. In his spare time, Dan composes music as a hobby and plays guitar for a Philadelphia based hardcore band.