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Q&A With Medable PAC's Allison Kalloo On MLK Day

Jan 18, 2021 12:06:10 PM

We are excited to announce the addition of Allison Kalloo to Medable’s Patient Advisory Council. She is the founder of Clinical Ambassador and iParticipate, and is a passionate advocate for diversity in clinical research.

Each year, on the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the nation takes a moment to pause, reflect and think back on the life and impact of his work. 

Today, our own Patient Advisory Council member Allison Kalloo sat down with Medable CEO and co-founder Michelle Longmire to incite a moment of pause and reflection, by discussing the very real and continued issues and challenges that African American communities face in our own industry.


Allison has had a remarkable life shaped by the work of Dr. King, her mother, and trials and healthcare in general, and she presents the industry with a number of challenging thoughts and questions that should make us all stop, pause, and reflect on the work that we do everyday, as well as the lives we lead outside of Medable.

Allison Kalloo, MPH

Written by Allison Kalloo, MPH

Allison Kalloo, MPH is a patient recruitment specialist. She is the founding partner and communication lead of Clinical Ambassador, iParticipate and CliniVIVRE aimed at expanding minority access and broadening diversity in clinical research across stakeholders. She has held a variety of positions in the private, public, and non-profit sectors that span public relations, freelance writing, marketing, patient education and public health, and worked in multiple laboratories as an undergraduate research fellow. She was ultimately compelled by the vast creative opportunities to address disparities in innovative, meaningful ways. With a mission to impact health equity, enhance transparency, bridge cultural divides, and break the engagement stalemate in clinical studies, Ms. Kalloo now leads a team to deliver culturally relevant, patient-centric solutions to make sense of science, support study participation from front to back, and sample the candid opinions of real patients and the research-naïve lay public. Her agency also works with industry to support their clinical sites and enhance protocol integrity from the patient point-of-view. She is now one of newest members of the Medable PAC (Patient Advisory Council). Ms. Kalloo is a graduate of The Madeira School, North Carolina Central University, and Yale School of Public Health. She can be reached at akalloo@clinicalambassador.com and followed on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.