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Together We Can: Why our Mission for More Inclusive Research Needs You

Aug 17, 2021 4:05:28 PM

At Medable, our vision is to open scientific research to the world.


Because for decades, access to clinical trials has been limited to significantly fewer biologies and human bodies than that of our world’s populations. This limited access to clinical trials has had a direct impact on the development of new medicines, which has remained slow, cost-intensive, and poorly reflective of disease-affected and world populations¹.

Today, our industry understands that differences in race, geography, gender, and many other factors may often have an impact on the efficacy of our treatments. Certain oncology, albuterol, and cardiac medications have been proven to be less effective for minority populations than for their Caucasian counterparts. This difference in effectiveness starts with clinical trial representation. Unfortunately, the FDA’s 2018 Drug Trials Snapshot report showcases this disparity is still very real. Of those who participated in Oncology trials in 2018, only 38% of participants were women, 15% were Asian, 4% were African American, and 4% were Hispanic. 

Thankfully, the recent convergence of science and technology has given our industry a prime opportunity to correct this disparity in the form of decentralized clinical trials. 

When Medable was created in 2014 we set out to make research ubiquitous for everyone using a decentralized clinical trial platform designed for every body, and every biology. As it stands today, decentralized clinical trials offer the life sciences industry the best possible path towards a future where trials are faster, more efficient, less costly, and most importantly, inclusive of everyone.

With Informa Pharma Intelligence reporting that 76% of companies are expanding their decentralized clinical trial capabilities, organizations worldwide are revamping their research and development engines, adding decentralized capabilities to their traditional suite of services.

It’s with these efforts in mind, that we have developed an industry-first training program designed to provide workforces everywhere with the specialized tools, knowledge, and skills necessary to develop and rapidly scale decentralized and hybrid trials. 

Within our industry, expertise has consistently proven itself a key driver of innovation. While Medable’s mission and vision have been executed across more than 150 decentralized trials, it’s not enough. In order to make medicine more effective, less costly, and more inclusive, we need you.

Together, we can help guide and share our scientific development model, furthering our vision of opening scientific research to the entire world. 

Together, we can help build new paths, develop new roles, and create new learnings that will empower the industry to design, build, deploy and support decentralized and hybrid trials.

Together,  we can scale best practices and shared expertise to help trial teams break down traditional barriers, reduce cycle times, enhance data quality, and improve patient access and experience. 

And together, we can help create and scale a more inclusive science. Because medicines used by every body, require every biology. 


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Dan Horsey

Written by Dan Horsey

Dan joins the Marketing team at Medable. Previously, Dan was a Content Manager at Signant Health and a Marketing Manager at IQVIA. He got his start in healthcare marketing in 2014, working with Pharmacy Benefits Managers in the managed Medicare and Medicaid spaces, and has been writing in healthcare capacities for over 10 years. Dan has extensive experience in creating both long and short forms of content across a wide variety of mediums. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Communications from West Chester University in 2009. In his spare time, Dan composes music as a hobby and plays guitar for a Philadelphia based hardcore band.